A Lifestyle that encourages Healing

As a former top-notch private retreat, surrounded by an abundance of incredible nature, Top of the World Ranch Treatment Center is truly blessed to be located in such an extraordinary environment with many opportunities to experience the joy of a sober, leisure-based lifestyle as part of your treatment program and during free time while attending treatment.

It is a proven fact that exercise is a crucial factor in a healthy recovery. Exercise plays a major role in the holistic treatment of our mind, body and spirit, so our Ranch offers plenty of opportunities and options to get your heart racing in a fun-filled and healthy way.

At the same time, our natural and sacred outdoor spaces will fill your soul with the peace you seek and the balance you crave.

And our food deserves special mention. Actually, it deserves much more than special mention.

We cannot overstate how incredible our food is here. To manifest healing from the inside, we have first-rate chefs who utilize daily fresh, organic (whenever possible), whole foods in the preparation of healthy, sumptuous and well-presented meals with many of our ingredients sourced locally from a neighbouring farm.

We will put our food up against any center at any price, anywhere. We assure you that, like everyone who stays at the ranch, you will greatly enjoy the variety of healthy fare that we serve you.

And our food plays an important role in helping encourage our clients from the start of their stay with us to make healthy lifestyle choices.

You will also love our cozy dining area complete with a sunroom with views of the surrounding grounds.

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