The Detox Program at Top of the World Ranch Treatment Center

For your detoxifications needs we have partnered with UnityPoint Health – Robert Young Center, Rock Island Illinois.

Top of the World Ranch Milan will take care of all detoxification arrangements for you. If during your filling out your admission information record over the phone, it is determined that you will require detoxification, we will set up your arrival time and manage all arrangements for you. If you are being driven to treatment and detox, you will begin your journey at the ranch where we will meet with you, admit you and escort you to detox. Your detoxification will be fully medically managed in a comfortable private room.

Top of the World Ranch staff will pick you up from detox and bring you to the ranch once you are deemed safe to enter into our primary treatment program. If you are flying to the Quad Cities, we will pick you up at the airport and escort you to the ranch for admittance and then on to detox.

If you choose to arrive to treatment after your own arranged detoxification, for your safety, we will require a copy of your discharge report from the detoxification facility that you attended. If you do not require detoxification you will be assessed by the ranch nurse and when cleared, you will begin your treatment immediately.

Please call us for further information and clarification.

UnityPoint Health – Trinity Rock Island Campus
2701 17th Street
Rock Island, IL 61201

“With our combination of natural and created beauty, our caring, compassionate and highly trained staff, and the incredible life changing experience that our programs offer, there is no other place like Top of the World Ranch Treatment Centre. The addition of our private medically supported detox now completes our circle of care.”
Mark Sadler, Executive Director

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