What to expect at Top of the World Ranch

Addiction destroys us from the inside out. We try to contain it, to beat it, to manipulate it, to outsmart it. But little by little as we lose the fight, we change. We feel that we are always separate from others even those we love. The pain that we feel, the loss of control, it is exhausting, it never really lets up. Until we reach a point of not really caring if it does.

However…Within the beauty of the ranch it may happen, that suddenly, you discover you are totally present, that you are in the moment, that you are in your heart and out of your head… and then you get a glimpse, you feel it, you come to realize that you, the real you, is still there and that you always have been. You have just been covered up, buried and stored away under the layers of using and abusing, of grief and loss…

Here is something really cool to think about…

Addiction lives and works from the worst parts of ourselves, the parts we try to keep hidden. Addiction works through our fears, insecurity, isolation, resentment and anger. Addiction raises those darker parts to the surface and we find ourselves acting in ways that do not reflect our true selves.

What is cool about that, you ask?

The cool part is that recovery works from the opposite. The minute we begin to truly embrace recovery and are willing to work for it, we call on and reclaim the best parts of ourselves, our confidence, our relationships with others, our connections, our kindness, our love, compassion and tolerance. In our healing, we not only rebuild ourselves, we find we are able to offer a better version of ourselves to others, to the world again.

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