Fees and Financing

Here is how it works. We know that you need a minimum of 30 days in treatment. It is proven longer is better.  Due to insurance often challenging the needed level of care and length of stay for persons needing treatment, we have a 30 day minimum stay in our residential treatment program.  We are out of network with insurance. We are extremely reasonable in cost.  We will work with you to obtain reimbursement from your insurance for your out of network benefits if available.
Call us. 1-844-814-8885. Top of the World Ranch can help.

If you look around you will also see that other centers do not post their pricing. We are very proud of the value that we offer to our clients and their families. Here is our pricing.


Primary In Patient Treatment Programs

  • 30-day accelerated program: $17,950
  • 45-day core program: $24,750
  • 60-day core program: $30,950
  • 90-day extended program: $42,950

Integrity is vital, we hope that you choose us. You are worth the best that we can offer you. And we believe that we offer the best.


For a limited time only, Top of the World Ranch is offering a 45 day stay for the price of a 30 day stay. Our already, incredibly reasonable fees have gotten even better. Why? We know that your chances of success increase dramatically with longer stays.  It is very unlikely that your insurance will pay for 45 days of residential treatment.  So we are making it happen for you!

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