Our counselors provide a multitude of both group & psycho-educational therapeutic treatments in conjunction with intensive individual therapy sessions with each of our clients.

We provide up-to-date clinical education and self-care seminars with evidence-based strategies including cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, as well as mutual self-help support groups.

Clients are given informative seminars, education on the nature of addiction, homework on insight into their addiction and how it impacts their lives and the lives of others, as well as self-care techniques; we strongly call attention to relapse prevention and recovery strategies. Each client will depart from the ranch with a full continuing care plan in place that is co-created by the client and their primary counselor. Clients follow this plan upon departure and their growth and success in recovery begins in earnest.

Our excellent four-day Family Program offered every six weeks is founded on evidence-based practices and the most recent knowledge within the field of addiction. This Family Program is for family members and loved ones of our clients 18 years and older suffering as a result of a loved one’s addiction. Our program will help you to understand and manage the stresses, lapses in trust and the hurt that accompanies addictions. These four days are designed to begin important conversations between you and your loved one, recovering some of what has been lost, to offer hope and improvement in coping and communication skills and to plant the seed of hope for you and your loved ones.

*Note to our clients, their family, friends and associates: It is ranch policy that we neither confirm nor deny a client’s presence here. We realize that this can seem strange at times but is in the best interests of our clients. Clients will not have personal access to computers or e-mail during their stay. Phone calls to clients are screened to ensure the safety of our clients, messages will be passed on when appropriate.

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