The Residence at Top of the World Ranch

This is another area where we really separate ourselves from other centers. All of our rooms are fully private and perfectly located a short walk via a meandering path, from the lodge. The residence sits upon the top of a natural knoll with great views from every window.

The residence has two floors, each floor has client rooms and a free laundry room, so no need to pack too much. The rooms are all soundproof insulated, very comfortable and the residence fits well within the beauty of the surroundings on our large acreage.

Each client will have a very comfortable queen bed, nightstand, granite desk with reclining executive chair and ottoman to prop up your feet when reading or relaxing. The decor in the residence is in in unison with the nature that surrounds you. Your private bathroom has a granite vanity, a roomy shower and shelves for your personals. We are certain that you will be pleased with your accommodations.

Beyond the obvious comforts of having one’s own room, we have found that having some time to oneself after an intense day of interacting with others through our addictions treatment program, allows the learning to settle in. And allows the baggage to slough off. There is also further opportunity to meditate on why you are here, what this all means and your plan to move forward.

As a holistic drug and alcohol treatment center, we do our best to promote healthy mind, body and spirit. From the comfortable furnishings you will find in your private room, to the executive chairs in our meeting rooms, and the leather furnishings in our great room, you will find that your well being while here with us is a high priority.

Recover in a picturesque and natural setting that promotes deep, meaningful healing.

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