After many years of fighting tooth and nail, years of denial, trying to get and stay sober on my own, trying to convince myself that it would be different this time, I was given a moment of clarity to see myself as I truly was. I saw the reality of my addiction, I saw the damage that I was causing, I suddenly understood that the problems I drank about were not outside me – the problem was me – and that the change that was needed had to be me.

I was floored, I was beaten. And so, as to not leave my family the sad legacy of a dead alcoholic, I sought treatment.  When I got on the plane to go, I had no real hope. I felt I could not be happy if I could not drink and knew that I could not be happy if I did. I felt damned. My life was in chaos and made no sense to me. I could not understand how this had happened.

I went to treatment. The lights began to turn on. I began to wake up. This was a great center and experience, but something was missing and I knew that this “something” was in great abundance at the ranch. With time, I understood why my life had turned out as it did, in the necessary sequence in which it had unfolded. I knew with absolute certainty that the purpose and meaning of Top of the Word Ranch was intertwined with my own. I knew what I needed to do and why I needed to do it. It felt predestined, it felt certain, and it still does. My wife and I grew up in Moline Illinois. We moved to BC Canada in 1995. We had left our old lives behind but we really never pulled up our roots. When I was invited to open another treatment center in Illinois, I was only interested if we could open another Top of the World Ranch. I am very pleased to say that what we have put together has surpassed the original vision of what could be. We have an amazing place here, the right mix of nature and high-end amenities.

There is no other center like it. Since opening our doors in Canada in 2005, I have obtained a Master of Counseling degree so that I may further help our clients because, you see, the real beauty of recovery is that by giving to others, we get more than we give in return.

I hope you choose us with the knowledge that we will offer you our best.

Most sincerely,

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