We attend to your Mental, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual and Social Needs.

  • Each client is assigned a primary counselor for case management approach.
  • We offer one to one counseling sessions throughout your stay.
  • You graduate from our program with a clear plan in place for your success. If you stick to the plan that you helped co-create, you will be successful in your recovery. Simple as that.
  • We offer a variety of group therapies.
  • We offer intensive and interactive psychoeducational programming.
  • We facilitate indoor and outdoor experiential therapies.
  • We offer mindfulness, yoga, guided imagery, relaxation and grounding techniques.
  • We offer a fully equipped gym with cardio, free weights.
  • Our facilities are top notch, set up as a resort style retreat, and in unison with our natural beauty, we offer first rate accommodations. Each guest has their own bedroom and bathroom.
  • Our Food: Healthy, and incredible, our Top Chef helps to manifest healing from the inside as well. We offer healthy and high-end restaurant quality.
  • Our Signature Features: Although nature provides the best features that we offer, man has added significantly to our center as well, from our many outdoor enhancements, like our fire pit gathering spot at the end of the lake, strategically placed benches where clients may go for contemplative retreats, the “hills” hike, the mill creek walk, the 12 step trail, the lake with canoes, the meditation labyrinth, and the many other gathering and contemplative spots, that we have helped put into place. Our intention is that which can awaken the soul, which adds so much to your treatment experience. That which helps you to be present, to be out of your head and living from your heart. We know how hard it is to slow down the squirrel cage that is your mind. Learning to become present, learning to “be here” is a vital part of recovery. This understanding, this is a major reason as to why the ranch exists and why we offer all that we do.
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