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    About Sarah

    My journey with addiction and recovery has come full circle. After receiving a Master’s Degree in Addiction Counseling from the University of Iowa, I worked briefly as an Addiction Counselor. After that I worked five years as a program evaluator for existing treatment programs. Later in life, I found myself in the midst of my own battle with alcoholism and ended up in a residential treatment program. I discovered that no amount of education and knowledge could solve my problem, that in order to get well needed to change my thinking, my life.

    I also learned that for me, recovery meant strengthening the mind, body and spirit, not just abstaining from alcohol. This discovery led me to deepen my spirituality through the practice of yoga and to become a certified yoga instructor. The difficult times and struggles I have been through, have all shaped who I am today and I hope my story can help someone find the courage to begin their own journey. I have also realized that helping others find their way and experience the peace and serenity that I have discovered has become my passion and purpose. Each individual journey is an inspiration to me and I am dedicated to helping clients and families from the first phone call.

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